Maria Athens threatens to kill Anchorage Mayor Berkowitz

Maria Athens threatens to kill Anchorage Mayor Berkowitz in disturbing voicemail because of pedophilia allegations.
Alaskan politician and a television anchor, death threats and nude photos. The scandal culminated in a joint police and FBI investigation, the arrest of the journalist and the resignation of the mayor of Anchorage.
he mayor's resignation followed Berkowitz's jaw-dropping admission Monday that he was involved in an inappropriate sexting - he called it "messaging" - relationship with Athens, the anchor of a combined Fox/ABC station in Anchorage. She says their relationship started in 2016, and declined to say whether it ever became sexual in nature.
Friday morning, when Athens allegedly placed a profanity- and racist-laden phone call to Berkowitz. , it started with the caller announcing herself as Athens and rattling off her various network affiliations.

The caller claimed to have learned from sources that Berkowitz had been posting nude photos on an underage website, and that she planned to report this on that evening's news. The caller threatened to kill Berkowitz, who is Jewish, and his wife, in a diatribe laced with racist insults.


By: MadChadMcluvin (824.00)

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