Odds and ends - different kinds of jumps

Fair warning- LL'er original content: more home-brewed skydiving musical-interlude madness...a rather long one. For this submission I decided to throw in some stuff along theme lines, as well as a short segment inspired by Jayjo's words of wisdom to me and another one without music, a Kopernikus preference. Other than pride, in a few cases, no serious injuries were sustained in the footage you will see. Sound, volume and musical selection may be an issue for some...though I doubt those with children will risk waking them this Sunday morning. :) Some nice views of the St-Lawrence River in the distance...hope you enjoy! Happy Easter, folks!


By: widerstand (956.24)

Tags: Other Entertainment, liveleakers

Location: Aérodrome St-Jean-Chrysostôme, Québec, Canada