This machine creates dental crowns in a matter of hours while patients wait

This computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine creates dental crowns for patients at an Arizona dental surgery while they wait.

Footage captured on June 23 shows the machine in action, using two specialised and oscillating drill bits to forge the dental crown.

The filmer said: "This is a CNC milling machine my dentist uses to create dental crowns while you wait.

"Normally it takes two appointments to get a dental crown - one to prepare the tooth and take impressions and another to install the crown - but using this, my dentist can do everything from start to finish in one 2-3 hour visit, and no need to wear a temporary crown for weeks."

The machine uses 3D scanning technology to build a digital model of a patient's tooth and then that data is used as a reference for the milling part of the process, creating a dental crown from one piece of ceramic.
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