This is how a completely colorblind US teen shops for new clothing

Natasha Caudill demonstrates how she navigates shopping for new clothing while being completely colorblind in this rare insight.

Natasha, who posts videos about being colorblind, blew up on TikTok (@nnnnaaaatttt4) after her clip received 3.8 million views in less than one week.

She told Newsflare: "I was born with a rare eye disease and have been completely colorblind since birth. I can only see in black and white, and in this video, I go into how I shop for clothing and makeup as someone who can’t see any color!

"I started making videos for fun during the summer, and it just sort of happened that people are really interested in my colorblindness, so it’s really neat that I get to have fun while also educating people."


By: NewsFlare (90036.00)

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