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Google Liars
Posted in a Google Support Forum after seeing Google's response to the exposure of their politically-left bias by Project Veritas
June 27, 2019

I just wanted put this in front of some Google eyes.

The disingenuousness of the Google Execs Maggie Stanphill in front of Congress yesterday, Jen Gennai in her denials of the plain meaning of what she said in the Project Veritase videe, and all the rest of them in the video at this link.

The problem you bunch of geniuses have is ignorance on the subject of self-governance, you know, that old fashioned idea we invented in 1776, reinvented in 1789, waged the mostly costly war in our history to straighten in out in 1865, expanded and corrected with the civll rights and environmental acts of the 1960s, protected by stomping German aggression in two global wars, Japanese aggression in one (in no case using those situations for conquest), came to a peaceful resolution of nuclear standoff with the Soviet Union, and founded our country with. You might have had to remember that old fashioned idea for a test you took somewhere along the line, other than that you have no use for it, showing why this old idea could not sink into your oh so special thick skulls. It goes like this: "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people." You have no more idea what that means and how it is made real than the babies whose killing you endorse under a perverted doctrine feminine rights.

You guys are a bunch of liars, just like the political imbeciles you support..... and are.

Don't think no one knows about the funding you got to start Google way back when, you know, from the CIA, via SAIC Inc. So today your CEO denies bias in your search results and all your other fairness objectives. Sorry Charlie, too late, the cat is out of the bag.

Why don't you go read my email now and start hassling with me government audits? You guys suck, because the principles you hold are totalitarian in nature. You think you are merely secretive. Hogwash. Deceit of the public on matters at the heart of American Liberty destroys liberty You are so busy concealing your CIA affiliations and being outraged by your ignorance-based mob objections to President Trump you cannot see that you are set on destroying our nation. It's either that, or you are not ignorant of the damage of your actions, which would mean you are psychopaths.

So I guess this is hate speech, because I hate what you are doing to destroy the greatest society that ever existed, the one that created the comforts we all have today.

My purpose here has been to take away your right to say have no idea about the damage you are causing, because I just told you. The truth of it is evident, if you look.



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