Daddy's Home to Stay


Bugsy's oligarch mentor, is the "Shadow Leader" of the country. Ihor Kolomoisky.

Kolomoisky (call me "Ihor") has returned to Ukraine from exile.

Like Napoleon's escape from Elba he's back... with a vengeance.

Sometimes called the "Gray Cardinal." He has spoken openly of his demand that Mr. Zelensky
would fire corrupt officials at the central bank who were behind the takeover of his PrivatBank.

Recall, the central banker's used the newly nationalized bank as collateral for a $5.6B IMF loan.
You can't make this up.

Ihor has spoken of the need for Porky to go to jail for theft of millions, if not billion$.

We are already seeing the Master at work in the Parliament's dismissal.
Wiping out the Ukrop power base in one fell swoop.

What's next? Can the Ukrop "Deep State" stop this "Batman and Robin" dynamic duo?



By: Jim Jackson (620.40)

Tags: Ukraine