Davenport police issue statement after stopping and patting down 13-year-old Sudlow student

Davenport police say they are taking "proactive steps" after a 13-year-old student was stopped by police as part of a stolen vehicle investigation. It was later determined he wasn't involved in the incident.

Police say on Wednesday around 7:40 a.m., they received information regarding a stolen vehicle from Moline that was tracked to the 1600 block of Eastern Avenue near Washington Elementary and Sudlow Intermediate. When they arrived, officers saw five people flee from the vehicle.

The department also released this statement in regards to the incident, saying, "The Davenport Police Department recognizes that the 13-year-old student was shaken by this interaction and understands the frustration felt by his parents. Chief Paul Sikorski has taken proactive steps, including meeting with the parents of the student, to discuss what happened. We are committed to working together toward a community where all citizens feel safe and respected."


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Location: Sudlow