4 boys arrested during dramatic armed robbery at Verizon store

Four suspects burst into a Verizon store on Wednesday, put a gun to a clerk’s head, tied him up and demanded that he open a safe in the back room.

As police converged on the scene, the bound clerk fled from the suspects and ran into the arms of officers.

The thieves may have pulled off the heist, but the armed robbery was disrupted after an observant 911 caller noticed four people run into the store, located at 9760 SR 14.

The suspects, who were hiding the back room, eventually gave themselves up.

It was discovered that they were all juveniles.

One firearm was found on scene as police investigated.

The juveniles are being charged with aggravated robbery with a gun and kidnapping.

No one was seriously hurt during the melee.

The young suspects have not yet been identified.


By: ThisIsButter (44151.30)

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Location: Streetsboro, OH, USA