The driver continued to drink champagne after being detained

In St. Petersburg, a woman behind the wheel of a BMW began to drink champagne after being detained and to let out unflattering comments about law enforcement officers. An eyewitness filmed the violator, who allowed herself liberties in a conversation with the inspectors, on video.

The car was stopped in the afternoon of June 18 at Liteyny Prospect - a woman slipped into a red traffic light and refused to stop on demand. Eyewitnesses claim that the driver was drunk, she insists that they started drinking champagne with a satellite only after they gave the documents to a traffic police officer.

Initially, the woman ignored the police, talking on the phone, and then easily signed the protocol without leaving the car.

"I can sign again, now it's beautiful. Do you understand my signature? Understand, I say?" - she threatened the inspector, actively using obscene vocabulary.

The woman was removed from management, and BMW was sent to a car pound.



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Tags: drink champagne, let out unflattering. woman slipped into a red traffic light

Location: St. Petersburg