Alex Jones REMOVED from Social Media 'We NEED to Talk About Alex Jones"?? Israel ASSASSINATES in Syria SHHHHH!!

The title states it…I show Alex Jones the shill for mainstream agendas, how he was removed yet not from Twitter as they claim “he violated no such policies” of theirs.
How about the US coalition breaking all over about making DEALS WITH AL QAEDA IN YEMEN? ON THEIR ANNIVERSARY DATE?!?!
How about the US coalition bombing yet another hospital in Yemen over the weekend killing over 20 kids and over 20 women as well??
How about the Israeli Mossad “By deception thou shalt do war” on Sunday KILLED A SYRIAN in a car bombing?!? Who?? Why?!?!? Oh wait, Iran!! So now our US mainstream news is flooded with Iran news via John Bolton and the renewed sanctions??


By: Mattyd 4Truth (748.60)

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