The Acco super dozer.

manufactured by the Italian firm Acco in 1980, It weights 150 tons and is driven by two 675 HP engines. It has a 21 foot wide blade and a 9ft ripper at the rear. 36ft long and 19ft was originally made for large earth excavations in Libya...however, it never got there and has only been used a few times in southern Italy. The very high cost of transportation was it's downfall and it remained parked up under cover maintained but not used for years. When the founder of the company died the dozer was going to be scrapped but it was saved at the last minute and now it's going into an industrial museum. Here we see it minus it's blade and ripper. The old boy driving it into the museum is the Company founder who originally built it.


By: thecleaner001 (22581.38)

Tags: Big tools., Bunker, Italian farm

Location: Italy