Sara Netanyahu Created Scandal in Ukraine

First visit of Israeli prime minister in Ukraine after 20 years ended up in a scandal. Israeli prime minister Netanyahu came to Ukraine with his wife Sara and were meet at the airport with traditional Ukrainian welcome ceremony during which guests are offered bread and salt. After Netanyahu gave Sara piece of bread, she promptly threw it to the ground. She did not arrive in the best mood to begin with, as she had a conflict with the airplane crew already during a flight.
This was revealed by Israeli journalists that were present at the visit. Israel is going through election campaign and scandal is a juicy picking for the opponents of the Israeli prime minister and his party.

Ukrainians for their part tried to hide everything under the carpet. Israel is the main US ally and regime in Kiev can't afford antagonize US government on which it is dependent. Moreover new president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is Jewish himself. However after whole thing was published by Israeli media, Ukrainians found a culprit: "Russia did it!" If you think you see hand of wife of prime minister of Israel throwing bread on the ground, then you're mistaken. It's hand of Putin. Or Putin hacked Sara Netanyahu . Or something like that. Ukrainian propaganda doesn't have to make sense.,7340,L-5571794,00.html

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