Queensland flood video reveals moment police rescue 79yo man trapped in rising waters

Police bodycam vision has captured the moment officers carried a 79-year-old man out of rising floodwaters that swamped his home near Richmond in north-west Queensland.

Sergeant Rob Hanson said he knew it was a race against time to rescue Des Smith, who was confined to a mobility walker, shivering from cold and about 20 minutes away from drowning as the water continued to rise.

During the height of the flooding in the west last Thursday, police found themselves in a helicopter heading to Maxwelton, near Richmond.

One of Mr Smith's neighbours called police to the property, and Sergeant Hanson said they arrived to find him struggling in floodwaters that was about waist-deep through his home.

"Des was shaking and shivering, and I thought he was going hypothermic and I knew he wasn't in a good way," Sergeant Hanson said.


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Location: Queensland