Cops Shoot A Woman In The Face After Bar Argument.

In a custody hearing on Monday (20), the Justice ordered the arrest of military police suspected of killing a woman, on Friday night. There was an argument in a bar, where the police were. However, a video recorded by a security camera shows the two PMs shooting at a woman who was sitting on a bench with her boyfriend. Order for arrest of the two soldiers as well as seizure of the used weapon were made by the Military, as well as the delivery of them in the Civil Police Station so that they could be charged crime. The two policemen were off duty, not in the exercise of police activity. According to the victim's boyfriend, Osvaldo Pereira Gomes Neto, there was no confusion. The two were sitting on a public bench when the policemen passed by, pointed the gun and fired. "They didn't even speak to us, we didn't know them. We have to respect the police in an approach, because we are good people, but I ask, what justifies this shot?", He asks. The case According to the police report, on Friday (17), Ezio Sousa Dias and Webert Batista Ribeiro, both 30 years old, got involved in a mess in a bar and fired shots, hitting Elizangela Moraes, who was on the side of outside the establishment. Hours later, the two were arrested and sent to the police station.


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