The U.S.: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia cost $125 million

The U.S. does its best to strengthen its positions in the Baltic States.
U.S. defense think-tank the Rand Corporation has produced in April a new report titled Deterring Russian Aggression in the Baltic States.

According to the report, “a robust technology initiative to enhance military capabilities for all three states would cost about $125 million, could be implemented over several years, and is scalable. The authors discuss the benefits and risks of expanding unconventional and total defense efforts and potential Russian responses and countermeasures. Finally, they outline steps that the Baltic governments, the United States, other NATO allies and partners, and the European Union could take to enhance these efforts.

The authors conclude that total defense and unconventional warfare capabilities can complement the existing conventional defense efforts of the Baltic states and NATO, improve warning of an attack, augment initial defenses, and buy time for (and provide support to) national and NATO conventional responses.”


By: viktorsdomburs (63.20)

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