Inside Wuhan: US teacher documents daily life as lockdown persists

A US woman documents her daily life in the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei province.

The 23-year-old Columbus, Ohio native has been an English teacher in the city since October 2019.

She has been locked within the limits of the metropolitan district as authorities race to contain the outbreak.

Footage filmed on January 27 shows the filmer getting her temperature checked prior to entering local grocery shops.

The stores have been supplied with food so locals trapped in the city are able to survive.

The coach in the latter the video is believed - by the filmer - to be full of supplies.

"This is the first bus I have seen, it appears to be transporting something. It is not a regular bus, the only person that was on board was the driver," she is heard saying as the bus drives by.

She told Newsflare: "[I'm] doing ok, looking like there will be evacuations next week, I plan to stay and ride it out.

Later saying: "We're getting support, local grocers set up and stuff, and I have money to last me.

"It's just mandated house arrest, since taxes, busses, and gas stations are down."


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