Forgotten WWII German Forest Bunker Found (Untouched) - 2019

Forgotten WWII German Forest Bunker Found and it was untouched from graffiti and any form of vandalism.
The doors are gone because at the end of the war, all bunker doors were taken off in Denmark for safety reasons. The ventilation system is gone (same time as the doors), But other than that all was spared from mankind.
You can see the paint work is still very good as the germans didn't use lead in their paint's so it hasn't peeled off.
This bunker was known as a persönlichen bunker for use in a air raid. Today it still stands the test of time.
Hope you enjoy this video as much as I had making it. (sorry about the singing at the start) :-)


By: Madjamfree (179.20)

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Location: Denmark