Anti-masker gets booted from Spirit Airlines flight as one passengers defends him and rest of flight cheers his removal

A man who refused to wear a face mask aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles was kicked off the plane, but not before a profane rant that targeted the crew and other passengers in this shocking video from April 4.

Sasha was just minding her own business when the incident occurred, and this is her recap to Newsflare: "He refused but eventually had no choice but to comply on his way out he was yelling profane speech and name-calling. One of the passengers yelled something to him on his way out enraged him and he started to yell at him and get close but then another passenger came to his defense and started yelling and cursing at him wanting to get physical and all flight attendance tries to calm the passenger down. The passenger all he wanted was for him to deplane all of us wanted was for him to deplane because he delayed our flight by 40 minutes and inconvenience us all because he didn’t wanna wear his mask so the frustration was just let out and eventually the man calmed down and the flight attendants escorted the non-wearing mask man out."


By: NewsFlare (115485.00)

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