Man gets angry are a carnie shooting range

Strict adherence to the internal rules of the shooting range turned to an Anapa resident with head and arm injuries. The employee simply refused the tipsy visitors the right to shoot, but was faced with aggression by one of the men. The incident fell into the lens of a surveillance camera.

The described events occurred at about nine in the evening of August 11 in the village of Big Utrish. According to the victim, just before closing, a company of men entered the shooting range, but they failed to compete in accuracy - the girl did not allow them to shoot, justifying this by saying that the visitors were drunk. This "discrimination" has caused outrage among one of the clients.

"He began to swear me from head to toe, destroy everything that he saw, then he spat in my face and threw a little air into my head. All the guys that were with him just stood and did nothing. After I poured blood, he didn’t stop, he continued to swear at me and destroy everything that was nearby, ”the victim said.

In the hospital, the girl got five stitches, after which she went to the police. The next day, an unknown person on the phone invited her to pick up the statement until "it got worse." According to the victim, the district policeman advised her in this situation to distribute the video from the surveillance camera so that she could not hush up the conflict.


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Location: Anapa, Russia