- Homeowner Beatdown -

An Army veteran's split decision to return to his home.

He found Caleb Clark in his living room attempting to pilfer what he could.....at that time - IT WAS 'ON'

Clark attempted to flee, but took off in the direction of a closed door. The homeowner quickly closed the distance and opened up a Wal-Mart-size bag of frozen chicken on his ass.

Caleb R. Clark, 19, received a staple to his pathetic head and was booked on two third-degree felony charges — one each of residential burglary and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. (He had cut the homeowner with a piece of glass.)

The idiot also had three outstanding felony warrants for his arrest: two for violating terms of his release and one for failure to appear... for a residential burglary he allegedly committed back in January 2019. There wont be a "Get Out of Jail Free" card issued, anytime soon.......ffs............



By: Homer Hart (9014.80)

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Location: USA