The Cost Of Illegal Immigration This Year

Here is the official tally of the cost of illegal immigration this year as of December 10th 2019.
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From The Washington Examiner, 12/09/19
The Trump administration made good on its promise to boost arrests, detentions, and deportations of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes over the Obama administration, according to a new report.

In comparing the targeting of illegal immigrants under President Barack Obama and President Trump, the Government Accountability Office found that more were grabbed by the GOP administration and that a “majority” were convicted criminals.

However, with the surge in arrests, detentions, and deportations, more noncriminal illegal immigrants were targeted after Trump changed the Obama-era rules to stop prioritizing different populations of immigrants and giving several a pass.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement data analyzed by the GAO, arrests of illegal immigrants jumped from 112,870 in 2015 to 151,497 in 2018.

Detentions increased from 324,320 in 2015 to 438,258 in 2018.

Meanwhile, removals jumped to 261,523 in 2018 from 231,559 in 2015.

“Convicted criminals accounted for the majority” of arrests, detentions, and deportations, said the report.

The findings bolster the administration’s claim that it targeted mostly criminals. However, in expanding the population of illegal immigrants to be targeted, more noncriminal immigrants were also arrested, detained, and deported.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump promised to take a hard line on illegal immigration and to expand the wall between Mexico and the United States.

The report also showed that most illegal immigrants seized in the U.S. are from Latin American nations. Deportations in 2018, for example, included 16,141 from El Salvador, 52,755 from Guatemala, 32,180 from Honduras, and 139,330 from Mexico.


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