Fire-breathing faucet? Household tap water ignited with lighter in China

Water from a household's tap was ignited with lighter in northern China.

In the video filmed in Panjin, Liaoning province, a lighter is used near the tap water and suddenly the water burst into flames.

According to the resident, the tap water sometimes could be smelly and very often there is a layer of an oil-like substance on their hands after washing them.

This phenomenon has plagued the family for three or four years, and there are more than 100 households in the village who have a similar issue.

Last summer, the water company was asked to investigate. The water company went to the scene and only said that the household can be charged 100 yuan(£11.38) less for the water bill.

On November 22, the local authority suspended the water supply in the area and temporarily transferred water from somewhere else for the residents.

At present, relevant departments are conducting water quality testing and will soon announce the result.

The video was filmed on November 21 and provided by local media.


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