The England fans who cycled across 6 countries to get to Russia

A pair of die-hard England football fans have cycled the immense 3,500km to Russia for the World Cup.

The pair began their journey in Emsworth, near Portsmouth in the south of England at the end of May. They finally arrived in southwest Russia on June 11.

Mitch Jones, 24 (the filmer), and Jamie Marriott, 28 (with beard) made the incredible journey across the continent to see their home team play in Russia for the Fifa World Cup.

They travelled through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

They rarely miss a game, they say.

"We both go to most England games home and away so I think we’d be in Russia one way or another," Jones told . "Cycling seemed like a different way of doing it. Jamie asked me a while back if I fancied it and I immediately agreed."

He added that they barely planned for the trip and its course unfolded naturally. "We hadn’t really planned anything other than setting a start date. But as soon as the start date came up we just got on our bikes and started cycling east," he added.

Jones is a former student at Portsmouth University and Marriott is an English teacher living in Berlin but originally from Portsmouth.

While Jones will catch England's first match against Tunisia on June 18, Marriott will go to all three group games.

In the , as their journey progresses, the green countryside and the roads and languages change, and they become noticeably browner – and more bearded.

They finally arrive in Russia from Ukraine after a three-hour wait at the border.

And will they be cycling back? Sadly not. Jones is set to fly home on June 23.


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