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I do have a wish to articulate but I have no reason to do so. Yet I will. Did i miss a comma? What should I write about? Let's see. We have this Trump guy with hair just asking for a helicopter. What else do we have? Obviously we have off-duty cops in Brazil. Brazil seems crazy isn't it? Some of us are really lucky to live in rather safe countries so we can fap and eat peanuts all day. At least they can pour alcohol from gas pumps. Not that I care because I don't drink that stuff anymore. I do smoke sometimes though. What else? Oh the crazy people in France running around setting cars and public toilets on fire. And we have brown colored people from the sandy places worshiping strange gods. And of course we have money. Who doesn't? We can buy some potato chips or we can buy a car and go around driving making fun of people with pants so low it looks like they have been shitting their pants for the past five years. No offense, I do respect all people. Some people like to wear cowboy boots, some like dressing up as women, some like shitting their pants. I for one do fit in the group of tolerant people. But who can tolerate hair like that of this Trump guy? Who is he anyway? I heard he is building walls around the states to keep Americans from escaping. Or is he merely trying to catch up with the Great Wall of China? I bet he's a few millennia late to the party. I don't go to parties. I used to but some girl scratched my back so bad I ran out screaming. Now we have these sand people. Sure their sandals and tablecloths around their heads are cool but what kind of an idiot goes praying five times a day to the direction of a giant penis? Still that's not the problem. Let me light a cigarette. Let's get a bit serious now. So in the United States of America they have these soldiers sitting in a room controlling planes on the other side of the world, shooting and bombing people. Obviously they have supernatural powers to tell which people are bad and which aren't. I mean they can even foresee the destiny of those little kids they blow up to pieces every day. They know for a fact those kids will grow up to become terrorists. But I think this is the place where the shithouse goes up in flames. That's what every little kid does. They play a video game and pretend to be a superhero. Someone needs to teach these heroes wearing uniforms wanking their little joysticks that in the real world little kids do not respawn. They do spawn as hatred and madness in the heads of certain people. And those people are then doomed to come to your home and put a big pressure cooker under your Christmas tree. So why things like these happen? My initial guess would be stupidity. Have not your Mother ever told you to think about the consequences about your actions? If you shoot a girl in between the legs a little person will crawl out and say to you "What do ya bring me here for?". So don't go around shooting random people expecting some won't crawl out of the sand all of a sudden and saying "I come with wrath. I come here to chop your body to little pieces.". I am no expert, most likely just an idiot anyway but my take is my take. We buy food full of poison and feed it to our little kids. We inject them with mercury instead of throwing a bar of soap at their head and saying "Son, wipe thy fappy hands boy". We give them phones so they can watch pr0n and learn about what love is for instead of showing a diagram of a certain kind of penetration on a big projector in school. I am not here to tell you how to raise your kids. I don't want them for a while. But this society is not gonna end well. Thinking here is critical. Consequences. Not only a meaningful word but also a fancy one. Levels of thinking are something to consider. Sure, if you don't buy petrol you can't drive to work and fap while the boss is away but what if... What if you don't buy petrol and suddenly a certain rich bastard with a tablecloth on his head does not have money anymore to buy some machine guns and cannons? What if you don't inject mercury into your little girl or boy for that matter and there's not enough money to change the shitty diapers of the American soldiers playing flight simulator while fapping with another hand? I mean it's not like he's going to keep playing for long with his pants full of shit waiting for someone to pass by and make fun of him. This is indeed a deep level of thinking but you gotta consider. You just gotta. Sure you can't just burn all your money and start growing carrots because both are criminal offenses and you will suddenly appear in a deep dungeon with Trump himself trying to suffocate you with his extraordinary hairdo. His hair has layers as well I heard. Now the wall. He should put a roller coaster on top of it to make some fun at least. Imagine Mexicans and Americans riding them, fapping each other. Wouldn't that be great? I heard they do have some states where you can grow carrots and even distill liquor. I did have to look this word up in Google cause it's so fancy. So you can brew some shit and drink it with Mexicans while riding the roller coaster, fapping each other every once in a while, maybe some tequila too. Also you can pour it in your petrol car and drive around making fun of people with their pants full of poop. Or you can drive all the way to the White House and shout: "Yo Mr. President I don't need your gasoline!". You could send an electronic mail to a random Arabian dictator and tell him: "I don't need your oil you bastard so keep wearing that tablecloth on your head and eat your sand!". Suddenly a few less bombs will fall on unsuspecting kids building sandcastles in piss soaked sand while American warriors scrub their shitty pants. These influences can be recreated using many other circumstances. I am not in the most creative state to state them riddles out but you get it. Maybe. All of a sudden your ass won't be so fat as well and you might just decide doing something meaningful, like making a wooden dildo for your wife on your brand new free time instead of sitting on your stinky KFC soaked couch fapping to a random president's hairdo. You know the god of thunder really won't throw a big bolt in your eye because you wiped your ass with a defunct 100 dollar bill. Nor will he decapitate you for one with a thin page from a thick religious book. Many of these affairs are far from realistic, others are close to as easy as unzipping your pants and busting a nut. All it takes is a little effort. If you can't do something fully and reach perfection, just do a little, take little ginger steps toward your true ideals and soon others will follow. I am not talking about those bastards with yellow vests looking like an army of garbage truck workers bragging about too little paper with funny faces on it. Hell knows what they are trying to achieve. But sure you can go ahead and read a book or write one. Grow a carrot or even exchange one for a cabbage with someone who grows them in their secret dungeon hoping not to be arrested for terrorizing the soil and get banged on their head with a random judge's semen covered wooden hammer. Money is bad in general. It holds a little bit too much power. I doubt you are going to convince those idiot warriors flying all the way to the deserts in an offer of a caravan of potato filled trucks. They will just sit at home playing their favorite flight simulators, banging their sticky keyboard against their heads or even better tirelessly fap in a big cardboard box in a greasy alleyway because if that is all they are good for then shalt that be it. This concludes chapter one. Stay tuned for more out of the box insanity boys & girls!


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