Houston Police Still Looking For Robbery Suspects

Houston, TX - On Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 7:10 pm, an unknown female entered the Wakmart Convenience Store, located at 11495 North Freeway, in Houston, Texas. The female walked into the store, grabbed a jewelry case, and attempted to leave with it. At the same time, an employee at the store was also walking out and realized that the female was trying to steal from the store, so he blocked the door, keeping the female suspect from leaving. An unknown male then approached the door with a handgun and threatened to harm the male (employee) if he did not let the female leave. The employee then backed off and as the male and female suspects were backing away, the male discharged his firearm towards the entrance, narrowly missing the employee. The suspects then fled the scene in a blue Dodge Avenger.



By: JThom (47837.70)

Tags: houston, robbery, woman, shots fired, crime

Location: Houston, TX