Amateur racer loses control and hits a spectator

The car flew off the track and crashed into a crowd of spectators during a race in Ukrainian Cherkasy, according to the Pro Everything publication. Eyewitnesses filmed the moment of arrival.

The event was held on the outskirts of the city, on an ordinary street, and anyone could participate in it. The local administration gave the go-ahead, but did not agree on the nuances with the police, so there were no law enforcement officers on the spot, and the fence was a stretched tape.

During the Time Attack race, one of the participants lost control of the car and flew off an impromptu track. The car flew past the stop, most of the spectators managed to scatter, grabbing the children in their arms, but the 31-year-old man did not have time to dodge. From a blow, he was thrown into the air for a couple of meters. Currently, doctors are fighting for his life.

According to unconfirmed reports, the hospitalized himself participated in the race a step earlier, and then went to look at the arrivals from the side.



By: ThisIsButter (36438.20)

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