Kupchino. The Soviet District of St Petersburg, Russia

Kuchino is a former village in the outskirts of Saint Petersburg, Russia which is since 1960's developed into the new Soviet district of the city.

Kupchino became a kind of typical Soviet Union style district consisted of the chain of blocks, where each block had a certain amount of residential buildings and object of social infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, stores, polyclinics, libraries, etc.) available in a walking distance from the houses. Each block was oriented for about 8,000 residents.

Period of the most active development of Kupchino was during the USSD days from 1961 to 1985.

The main architectural style of Kupchino is just a functionalism, sometimes with an elements of constructivism. From this point of view, the most interesting or at least unusual buildings of Kupchino are the residential buildings people call "Glasses". For the reason they looks like a typical Soviet glasses.

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Location: Kupchino, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 192281