Putin's propagandists hire extras for propaganda videos - reported by Kommersant.ru

The "former employee of the Ukrainian airbase", interviewed in a Russian propaganda video about MH17 downing over Ukraine, turned out to be a hired extra - as reported by kommersant.ru. Video was directed by Sergey Sokolov, a political consultant who started his career working for oligarch Boris Berezovsky .

The newspaper reports that the extras were voiced by Sokolov himself, as he “put a pan on his head so that the viewer would believe that the "military man"’s voice had been changed to ensure his safety.” According to the publication, the interview was sold to major Russian news networks.

Judging by the short description of the video, we are talking about the interview , which was released in December 2014 on the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda ". The guest of the studio, as stated in the description of the video, is an employee of the Ukrainian air base who had fled to Russia. His face is hidden, his voice is changed, he himself is sitting with his back to the camera. During a conversation with the chief editor of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Vladimir Sungorkin, and special reporters Dmitry Steshin and Nikolai Varsegov, the man said that the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by air-to-air missiles from a Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft under the control of a pilot named Voloshin.

Subsequently, the source of the publication became the main witness in the case of the death of "Boeing" passengers, opened at the Central Investigative Committee of Russia. The witness was reported under the name of "Yevgeny Agapov" and his testimony was carefully checked, including using a polygraph.

However, since the summer of 2015, there was no advancement in the case at CICR nor new information about Agapov.

Ukrainian military pilot Voloshin falsly accused of downing of Malaysian Boeing:

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