Is another 'stein' on Rikers Island not gonna kill himself

Harvey Weinstein's getting special treatment in jail so far, but it's not necessarily something he wants -- he's being kept isolated and under watch 24 hours a day ... likely until his sentencing.
Senior Dept. of Corrections sources says ever since Weinstein was transferred to Rikers Island this week, he's been staying on the 6th floor of the main building of the North Infirmary Command.
We're told the floor has 30 beds in a dorm-like setting, but right now, Weinstein has the whole floor to himself ... which keeps him safe from other inmates.
Our sources say a 24-hour security system is in place to monitor the disgraced Hollywood producer's every move, which includes surveillance cameras and frequent check-ins by guards. At night, he's moved to a cell with two other inmates to sleep.
NYC prison officials were concerned about Weinstein harming himself, so it seems the DOC's making sure to avoid that, as well.


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Location: Rikers Island, NY