Happy Birthday to Angus Young. Still a badboy at 65

Incident during Bad Boy Boogie at Phoenix AZ 2000

From the 2007 book Maximum Rock & Roll, page 431:

"You can take the schoolboy out of Glasgow but you can't take the streets of Glasgow out of the schoolboy.

The show in Pheonix, Arizona, was ticking over like clockwork. That was until midway through the breakdown of Badboy Boogie when someone threw a drink at Angus. Typically, he didn't take this lying down. He walked over, pointed the guy out and beckoned him over. Then came another drink, and that was it.

Angus took off his guitar, handed it to a roadie and lowered himself under the gaurd rail to get closer to the guy. When he was within reach, Angus firmly tweaked the guy's nose and dished out some verbal venom before the offender was led out by security. Reunited with him guitar, Angus bowed and the show, as always, went on." (Thanx kickasskirsten)

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