Ride a zip-line into Godzilla's mouth at this awesome new theme park in Japan

Ride a zip-line into a life-sized Godzilla's mouth at this awesome new theme park in Japan.

The attraction features an incredible 75ft tall replica of the fictional monster with blood dripping from huge fangs as it breaks through the earth.

Incredible helmet camera footage shows how visitors race down a 400ft long zip line straight into the beast's fiery jaws. Roaring sound effects are also played along through speakers.

The Nijigen no Mori Park on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture had its opening date put back because of the pandemic but there was no stopping Godzilla and it has now opened to the public.

Yasuyuki Nambu, head of Tokyo-based company Pasona, the park's operator, said the seasonal rains coincided with the unveiling of the rides, giving the guests a complete experience of the movie.

He said: "It's the perfect weather for Godzilla - the embodiment of a raging god - to appear as in the movie.

"We would like visitors to learn about Awaji Island through the globally renowned Godzilla."

Other attractions completing the giant monster experience include a Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji ride.

Fun activities are available inside the monster's body like an interactive game to prevent Godzilla from coming back to life again. Guests have to use animated guns to shoot the monsters destroying the city.

There is also a museum with incredible sculptures of the other giant monsters found in the movie. A theatre also shows movies about Godzilla.

The famed fictional character is known for appearing after a series of earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters.

Tickets cost 3,800 yen (28GBP) for anyone over 12-years-old 2,200 yen (16GBP) for five to 11-year-olds, and free for children four-years-old and younger.


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