Anti Masker Karen Refused Service

This is yet another usual run of the mill Karen who detests wearing a mask, demanding service from a local cafe. Well, she isn't getting it and so, like the predictable, proverbial loser Karen that she is, throws a tantrum and blows her breath at another patron; which almost constitutes as assault.

We don't know if SHE herself has Covid-19.

So sit back and enjoy yet another instance of a privileged wacko trying to schmaltz her way without following the rules.

I hate rules just as much as the next guy/girl, but in this day and age of political instability and economic crisis, anything goes.

And like I said before, enjoy the sheer foolishness of this Karen.


By: DrTyrminus (430.80)

Tags: Entertainment, karen, public freakouts, top ten karens, anti maskers

Location: USA