Hilarious reaction as mom shocks teenage daughter with Billie Eilish concert tickets

She told her daughter they had to go to nearby Tulsa, Oklahoma on Monday (October 7) to get a few things from Home Depot.

But Danielle had decided instead to shock her 13-year-old daughter Kira with tickets to see her all-time favorite artist, Billie Eilish.

"My daughter had begged and begged to go to the Billie Eilish concert in Tulsa. Her dad and I said “no” a million times, but Billie is her idol. This is what parenting is all about: making her dreams come true," said Danielle.

But the incredible surprise didn't end there: "I had her best friend FaceTime me I could pack an outfit that her best friend picked out and I hid it in my truck," said Danielle.

Kira, overwhelmed by the gesture from her mother, went from disbelief to shock to anger at the exceedingly thoughtful gesture.

"No way! I hate you! I'm going to text everybody," said Kira in this incredible moment.


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