This is War (FR/EN/DE) - Das ist Krieg - C'est la Guerre


German speaking people should stick to follow their subtitles and not care about the memes, as I think only legit english speakers will be able to follow them but it's ok as they're here mainly for illustration purposes :) You should still come back to them later cos they're dope ;)


✔︎ Welcome to my end of the year speech, and receive all my best wishes of strength, success, and happiness for the next one to come ! ILY ❤︎

✔︎ Herzlich willkommen zu meiner Abschlussrede zum Jahresende und ich wünsche Ihnen alle meine besten Wünsche in Bezug auf Kraft, Erfolg und Glück für den nächsten ❤︎




By: Electre (23.20)