Russian Attorney General, Chief of Police and Bishop carried a forged photo during a Putin's propaganda rally "Immortal regiment".

"Immortal Regiment" is a Russian propagandistic public organization, registered in 2011. The organization holds the same portrait-bearing rallies with the declared goal of commemorating the participants of the WWII.

While marching, each participant is supposed to bear a portrait of a relative who participated in the WWII. Needless to say, if you are a state official in Russia, the participation is mandatory.

In Russia, the action is mostly positioned as patriotic, in other countries - as both provocative and speculative.

On May, 9th 2019, in Russian Republic of Mordovia, the head of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs, general Yuri Arsentiev, as well as Attorney General of Mordovia Alexander Filimonov and Chief Bishop Veniamin Kirillov carried the photo of the same WWII veteran, having different names signed under it.

Pictures of Putin's officials appeared in the official publication of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A day after, a Ukrainian blogger Kontroliksenko noticed this forgery on the internet, then pictures from the procession were swiftly deleted.

On the Russian state web portal "People's Feat" there is information about the veteran on that photos : Kudashkin Matvey Andreevich from the village of Baevo, Mordovia SSR. He was born in 1905. In 1986, Kudashkin was awarded an Order of the Patriotic War of the second degree.


By: Xyecoc (1601.68)

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