NYPD releases body cam video of deadly October police shooting in Brooklyn

The NYPD released body-camera footage Friday from a deadly police-involved shooting in Brooklyn in October.

The body-cam footage also includes audio recordings and radio transmissions leading up to the shooting.

The incident happened shortly before 8 p.m. on October 15 on Baltic Street in front of the Gowanus Houses in Boerum Hill.

Two plainclothes, anti-crime officers, were patrolling the housing complex in unmarked cars when they spotted a man firing a gun in at another man, police said.

They identified themselves as officers and told the man, later identified as Nasheem Prioleau, to drop his weapon. Officials said he did not comply.

Prioleau, 30, was killed after officers fired more than 30 rounds and struck him several times. Police say Prioleau also fired shots at the officers.

However, public defender and police critic Rebecca Kavanagh said it was later determined that a 9mm pistol found at the scene was not fired, and the person Prioleau was purportedly shooting at has never been found.

"The night Nasheem Prioleau was killed, there was definitely a gun battle, because people including myself heard the gunfire all over Brooklyn," Kavanagh said in November. "Turns out it was just from one side — the police."

The NYPD said it is releasing this video "for clear viewing of the totality of the incident, and has also posted the entire unedited body-worn camera videos for each of the officers involved in the incident."

"All NYPD patrol officers are equipped with body-worn cameras. The benefits of cameras are clear: transparency into police activity, de-escalation of police encounters and accountability for police officers, through an independent account of interactions between the police and the citizens they serve. Body-worn cameras serve as a vital part of ongoing efforts to increase trust between the police and all New Yorkers," the NYPD added.

The NYPD said it will continue to release similar video in the coming weeks and months in other police-involved incidents.


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