Thai truck driver causes double crash after 'reaching down to pick up items from centre console'

This is the shocking moment a truck driver caused a double crash after allegedly reaching down to pick up items from the centre console.

The vehicle shunted the lorry in front then swerved across three lanes of the motorway in Sukhothai, north eastern Thailand on May 17.

Dashcam footage shows how a car travelling behind the truck had to slam the brakes to avoid a serious collision. It rammed into the back of the truck and was damaged but nobody was injured.

The truck then stopped further down the road as the driver and passenger walked out of their car to check the damage. 

Driver, Mo, said his bonnet was badly bashed in after directly smashing into the cargo's rear end.

He said: "I was driving on my lane when the truck suddenly cut in front. I was trying to stop the car as fast as I could. Luckily, no one was hurt."

Mo added that the truck driver was allegedly admitted using another hand to pick up items in centre console which caused him to lose sight of the road ahead and shunt the lorry in front, causing the accident.

He was questioned at the scene by traffic police who referred the case to the insurance company.


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Location: Thailand