Smart pitbull knows how to get ice cubes from refrigerator

This dog loves eating ice and has learnt how to get ice cubes out of the fridge all by himself.

The footage, captured at a home in Las Vegas, shows a 1-year-old pitbull called Evans standing in front of a fridge and barking at his owner - his way of demanding ice cubes.

Tired of waiting, Evan then jumps at the fridge and presses the refrigerator’s handle with its paw, releasing a bunch of ice cubes.

Evan can’t help but eat them all.

Evan’s owner writes: ''My dog saw my husband one time he was in the ice machine and after that every time he wants some ice he always sit in front the fridge cry or bark because he wants some ice.

''We show him how to use so every time he wants it ice cubes he went to the ice machine.

''Sometimes he sits in front of the refrigerator all day and plays with the ice cubes.''


By: NewsFlare (36099.00)

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