Migrants land on packed Spanish beach and race past shocked tourists

Footage taken by holidaymakers and posted on Twitter showed the Africans jumping off their rickety wooden boat as it reaches the shoreline as a father on the beach moves his children out of the way and two men interrupt a game of beach tennis.

Other tourists strolling along the water's edge as the cramped vessel reaches dry land can be seen breaking into a run to join crowds milling around a woman migrant who was injured in the mass arrival and is laid on her back on the sand.

The extraordinary scenes occurred at midday on Saturday at a beach in Zahora in the province of Cadiz, near to the headland of Cape Trafalgar.

It happened a day after dozens of migrants were filmed storming a beach in Tarifa further east, but at 1pm and on a beach which at the time was much busier with tourists and locals than the one in Tarifa.


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Location: Spain

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