Paragliders flew on high-voltage wires

google translate: "An eyewitness captured the moment of the emergency that occurred on Saturday, September 22, on the Sea beach in Dzhubga - a settlement located in the Tuapse District of the Krasnodar Territory

Holidaymakers decided to engage in parasailing - an active type of recreation, in which a boat or other vehicle pulls a parachute floating on top of the surface with people.

In this case, it was a boat, almost after the start of which the towed parachute was in dangerous proximity to the power line, after which people flew to the high-voltage wires.

According to the media , the victims - a couple who came to rest in Dzhubga from Orel, was hospitalized. As a result of the incident, the man was seriously injured by electric shock and received fractures of the ribs, his condition was assessed as serious, he was placed in intensive care.

His companion diagnosed with electric injury, fractured nose and multiple bruises.

The investigation of the circumstances of the incident involved the employees of the Southern Investigation Department on transport of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, a pre-investigation check is currently under way, which will result in a procedural decision."

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