Today, a Good Dose of Road Rage

From the guy who caught the action on his Dash Camera. "Video is zoomed in a bit to show the action. 2 drivers on I-494 and Hwy 52 get into a vehicle shoving match. State troopers pulled them over near Radio Drive and I-94 (I called 911 since the pickup driver wasn't stopping). I was able to show a trooper the video (yay Chromebooks!), I have no idea if citations were handed out. Minivan definitely had a broken side mirror from what I saw. ALSO: When I swerved to avoid the traffic cone there were no other cars in the area. As soon as I saw the pickup move over to the right lane I knew something stupid was going to happen so I made sure I had plenty of room to maneuver. I did not hit the cone - the sound came from a rock on the shoulder."

Who is the bigger idiot?



By: Long Beard (19578.20)

Tags: Drama, Road Rage, Construction Zone, Truck, Mini Van

Location: USA