Raping Middle America: The Story Behind the Cabela's/Bass Pro Shops Merger

Hedge fund forced Cabela's merger, decimated jobs in Sidney, Nebraska - Thank you, Elliott Management Corp, and more pointedly, the ruthless vulture multi-billionaire Paul Singer. This guy is nothing but a maggot. They are very good at devastating U.S. companies, placing thousands of workers into the unemployment line. Not to mention screwing over small, struggling countries.
The United States needs to do what the United Kingdom did: ban vulture capitalism. However, this most likely won't happen any time soon, if ever, as Elliott Management Corp and Paul Singer (and others like them) buy off Capitol Hill with massive campaign donations: essentially BUYING VOTES.
If you think this story is rare, think again. This happens all of the time; we just don't hear about it. Retail, construction, farming, MANUFACTURING, etc. - the list goes on.


By: Old School (1425.60)

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