Real road hoggers

This time, didn't happen in the already destroyed by the economy country of Venezuela
This time, it happen in the most corrupt to the core country in America, Argentina, where people rushed to grab the carcasses of pigs after a truck broke down and dumped 450 of the animals on a highway.
The crowd descended upon the road near the city of Santa Fe on Thursday morning and made off with butchered pig carcasses.
Video showed scores of people scrambling over one another and picking what they could.

The vide showed one man struggling to place a whole pig over his shoulder.
A young man said he and his family were at the scene since 9am local time trying to salvage what was left and managed to score a butchered pig.
'It was the last of what was left. Now we will go home to prepare the grill with the family,' he said according to Argentine news.
Another person at the site said some of the residents were looking to make some quick cash by selling the pigs.
'People are hungry and want to eat. There are people who took the pigs to sell.'
An initial police report indicated that the truck's flatbed was overloaded, causing it to stop and spill the pigs all over the road.
Highway police officers and the National Gendarmerie secured the area to avoid traffic accidents while they allowed residents to grab as many of the pigs as they could.
Despite the free for all, the director for the Santa Fe Food Security warned against the consumption of the meat because it could have been contaminated.


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