Rare leucistic alligator approaches caretaker for snack

A friendly leucistic alligator Trezos, approaches its caretaker Savannah Boan, a Crocodilian Enrichment Coordinator, in Orlando, Florida.

Trezos is seen on last Friday (October 4) in a new habitat called White Alligator Swamp in Gatorland, the Alligator Capital of the World since 1949.

"White Alligator Swamp is specially designed for light-sensitive albino and leucistic alligators. Savannah Boan, our Crocodilian Enrichment Coordinator, went in to give Trezos (one of 12 leucistic alligators in the world) a snack of both fish & chicken", the filmer said.

Albinism is a condition in which there is an absence of Melanin, whereas a leucism is only a partial loss of pigmentation, which can make the animal have white or patchily colored skin, hair, or feathers, like the palish yellow alligator.



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Location: florida