The mayor of the Mexican town was dragged along roads that he did not repair

In Las Margaritas, a group of farmers from the same municipality attacked a government building, dragged Mayor Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez and dragged him along several streets tied to a pickup truck, scolding him for poor roads.

During the election, Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez promised the population that he would significantly improve the quality of life of the population in the municipality if he won, especially the future mayor pressed on improving transport infrastructure and repairing and modernizing existing roads. According to local residents, he did not keep his promises.

As a result of the incident, the mayor survived and was not particularly injured: no serious injuries were found in him, only bruises and scratches.

The attackers practically did not hide, so far 11 people have been arrested. The police and the National Guard decided to patrol the city "as much as needed."


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Location: Las Margaritas

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