Protesters gather despite orders to socially distance in NYC to demand racial justice after Ahmaud Arbery's death

Black Lives Matter and other organizations gathered on Monday (May 11) in New York City's Foley Square and marched to One Police Plaza despite Mayor de Blasio's recent announcement that protests are now unlawful, police allowed the group to protest peacefully, while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.
This protest follows a number of videos showing people of color being arrested for disregarding social distancing rules, while images of crowding in the white community has sparked little criticism or action by police. Public Advocate Jumaane Williams was protesting with the group and said that everyone should follow social distancing guidelines, everybody should be treated equally.
The group dispersed peacefully, following the protest, no arrests were made.

Arc Of Justice was one of the organizers today.


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Tags: Protesters gather, social distancing. racial justice after Ahmaud Arbery's death

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