Heavily Armed Gunmen Rob Man

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to help identify a heavily armed crew of four men who fumbled their way through a robbery outside a Lauderdale Lakes liquor store.

Security cameras outside J & L Liquors at 3875 N.W. 19th Street captured the dangerous scene on Sunday, May 12 around 7:15 pm.

It shows a newer-model, white, four-door Volvo parking and those inside waiting for a customer to exit the store. Once he did, three men jumped out of the Volvo armed with handguns and long rifles. The trio rushed toward the victim and surrounded him, pinning him to the ground while they searched him for valuables.

A fourth armed robber casually emerges from the Volvo. He makes his way to the victim’s car, a light-colored or silver four-door sedan. He opens the driver’s side door and appears to take something.

During the robbery, three of the gunmen can be seen dropping personal items multiple times. At one point, they struggle to retrieve a rifle, which they had placed on the ground near the victim.

The victim, who left the scene before authorities arrived, was also forced to empty his pockets and give up all of his cash.


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Location: 200 NW 27th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, USA