UN Dems Immune from Prosecution?

Are UN and Leftist operatives pretty much immune from prosecution, and even being arrested for crimes committed, pretty much worldwide?

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Martha Stewart, may or may not have lied to FBI. Hillary Clinton definitely lied often to the FBI, under oath, etc. Hillary Clinton also either destroyed, or had destroyed, evidence to cover her exploits over many decades and she keeps getting away with it

Is the UN UNESCO and Communism expansion tool. Does the UN and Chinese Communist Chinese rig all US Court Cases and US Alphabet agencies? If not, why can the Clintons, Obamas, and their minions break any laws they want, no punishment, no arrests, no criminal or civil cases against the Deep State operatives?

poll: Is the UN screwing up courts and policing worldwide?

Can't vote I profit from Globalism, Chaos, and Mayhem.


By: SvenVonErick (1844.02)

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