Judge issues restraining order after Portland Police arrest journalist at protest

A US District Court has issued a two-week restraining order blocking Portland Police Bureau from arresting journalists.

This comes after the police arrested three journalists who were covering a protest in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday (June 30). One of them, Lesley McLam, is seen being arrested in this video. She was later taken into custody.

The filmer told Newsflare: "After being gassed, journalist Lesley McLam was arrested for being in the street. Several police medics stood by and watched as she and other protestors visibly suffered from effects of gas, and verbally asked for help.

"Officers remove McLam’s press badge and cash from her pockets. Though they dropped all charges against her, McLam was still detained and interrogated for more than 12 hours."

According to reports, McLam was covering the protest with fellow journalists Cory Elia and Justin Yau, who were also arrested.



By: NewsFlare (88839.00)

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