New video of drunken Poroshenko raising eyebrows on Internet

The web is all over a video of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. The Ukrainian leader was drunk in public yet again. The video was taken on Sunday when Poroshenko took part in an event celebrating the launch of the new Kiev - Boryspil train. He is seen in the cold without a hat. According to Internet users, the Ukrainian president was already drunk when he approached the microphone and started his speech about the new train. He reminds on drunkard Yeltsin, another "great leader" = puppet that was loved by the western establishmenbt while ruining his own country... This isnĀ“t first time Porky got drunk as hell, (look at the picture below)


By: ethicon (19802.30)

Tags: Drunkard, Poroshenko, Ukraine, Kyjev

Location: Ukraine, Kiev